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Pearson Education 2015



Teri doesn’t understand what's happening to her. No matter how hard she tries, or how much she

knows it doesn’t make sense, she can’t stop what she's doing. And now it seems everyone else is noticing too.


























Scholastic Canada 2008


Vince has been making the lives of the kids in his school miserable, especially Trent Collins's. But that's okay with Vince. He's just passing on the pain. But soon Vince has to deal with the results of his bullying. 



























Scholastic Canada 2008



When Na'gweg and Jack discover a whale washed in by the Bay of Fundy tide, they know they have to act quickly. The tide is going out and could leave the whale stranded! Together they must work against time to save it. 

A component of Pearson Education's Well Aware series, Always Even is a novel for grade 7 students. In the Lighthouse and The Right Whale are components of Scholastic Canada's Moving Up to Literacy Place series and are intended for students in grades 5 and 3, respectively.

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